2019 Nissan Kicks Review & Compare at Larry H. Miller Nissan Corona in Corona, CA

The 2019 Nissan Kicks: A Rising Star in a Rising Segment

It used to be that just about everyone in the neighborhood had a family sedan or a hatchback, with the exception of the occasional wagon or pickup truck rolling around town. Then minivans blew out the station wagon market, SUVs replaced boat-sized family sedans, and pickup trucks became preferred daily drivers. But the subcompact hatchback car hung on as an econobox: a small, fuel-efficient, and affordable three or five-door car meant for getting around on the cheap. All you had to do was give up style, features, and power.

Now cars like the Kicks are kicking the humble hatchback to the curb--no longer do efficiency and value-minded drivers need to settle for an unfashionable and cramped compact that has the same ride height as a skateboard. The new Nissan Kicks brings you an MSRP under 20k, vibrant styling, up to 36 MPG highway, a roomy interior, and a comfortable ride height.

Styling and Design

The Kicks shrugs off the "economy car" statement that plagues much of the rest of the compact SUV segment. It features some truly lively styling, including a huge range of vibrant color choices, some sharp-looking multicolored options, a spoiler, fog lights, alloy wheels, and LED lights.

Inside the Kicks you'll find more conventional styling, but the build materials are high-quality, and it feels pretty high-dollar as well. It seats five, though you'll only get four seated comfortably. The seats are supportive and well-bolstered, and you'll find a surprisingly generous 53.1 cubic-feet of cargo space available with seats folded.

Affordable Safety Equipment with Nissan Intelligent Mobility

There's a lot of exciting safety tech out there, but it's often priced at a point that leaves most folks pressed up against the storefront window dreaming maybe, someday. The Nissan Kicks is not that car. The Nissan Kicks S brings you standard Forward Collision Warning with Automatic Emergency Braking, and you can upgrade the Kicks SV and Kicks SR to include a 360-degree view system, Blind Spot Warning system, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert system for little added expense.

Kicks' Bells and Whistles

Considering the more accessible price of the new Nissan Kicks, you might have expected the features to be a little lacking. We're pleasantly surprised with the kicks, which comes right out of the gate with push-button start, a crisp touchscreen infotainment system, and smartphone integration.

High-Efficiency, Low Speed

The Nissan gets crazy good gas mileage for its size and capacity: 33 MPG combined, 36 MPG highway, and 31 MPG city. You'd be hard-pressed to find competing vehicles in the class that can break out of the twenties most of the time, and even some traditional sedans and hatches won't get you up to 36 MPG.

That said, the Nissan Kicks' 1.6-liter engine will do everything you need it to, but it won't always be happy about it. With 115 pound-feet of torque and 125 horsepower, it won't be winning any rallies or storming any beaches, but it'll get you and yours and your gear anywhere you need to go. It has enough power to get you around town and down the interstate, but you may hear it complaining about it while on the on-ramp or passing traffic.

Should I Buy a Nissan Kicks?

The Nissan Kicks is an excellent option for daily drivers who need a little bit of everything and don't want to spend buckets of cash on a car. Anyone considering a small sedan, hatchback, or compact crossover should definitely kick the tires of a Kicks. It sets itself apart from sedans and hatches with improved ride-height and capacity, and it beats out competing crossovers with significantly better fuel efficiency and well-equipped, yet affordable, trim-levels.

However, if you want to scale mountains of mud, tour the country with a big family, or carry a lot of equipment on a regular basis, you'll be served better with other Nissan SUVs like the Murano, Pathfinder, Armada, or Rogue. All in all, we feel like the Nissan Kicks is a solid option for the majority of drivers.

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